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18 February 2010

Fixing bugs, Planting trees...

Kentico planted a tree for one of our developers, Michael Jenkinson, as thanks for finding a rare bug in their CMS. It's all part of a program to keep the Kentico CMS ahead of the game.

18 December 2009

2009 Year in Review

2009 proved to be the most productive in Get Started's 10 year history. Perhaps we are similar to a fine wine or, maybe we're doing something right... We'll happily take the wine reference thank you!

06 November 2009

Web Directions South 2009 - Overview

Get Started sent three people from three different departments up to Sydney to try and suss out the state of the web in Australia...

21 October 2009

Web Directions South 2009 - Designer Report

Highlights of the recent WDS09 conference from our Senior Web Designer, Fab Ferrante.

01 July 2009

Our 10 year anniversary!

It's Get Started's 10th birthday, so we're celebrating - cheers!

11 May 2009

Tips for recycling old computer equipment

A quick look at the benefits of recycling your old computer equipment. And a list of Melbourne computer recycling services.

30 March 2009

Using audio players on websites

My two cents on using audio on websites. Also, by popular demand, I've thrown in a list of audio players for when you need one.

18 October 2008

Website Statistics and Analytics

Hits, traffic, pageviews, visits, exits, bounce rate, referrers, unique visitors, robots etcetera etcetera. The vernacular around tracking the traffic to your website can be somewhat overwhelming can’t it? Don't worry, we're here to help!